Hinged Glass Door 24U Rack New

Hinged Glass Door 24U Rack
Model No: J24801
Rackmount: 24U
Doors: Front Glass, 3 Removable Sides
Lockable Door: YES
Casters: 4
High Adjustable Feet: 4
Integrated Fan: YES
Ventilation Vents: YES
Construction: Steel & Glass
Dimensions / W x H x D / Height with Casters / Weight: 585 x 1305 x 585mm / 1360mm / 55kg

Hinged Glass Door 24U Rack

This metal 19" rack offers a host of features for professionals needing a static install solution for 24U of audio, video and power equipment. Easy installation with slide casters and adjustable feet suitable for out-of-level floors. We've fitted a glass hinged door that lets users monitor their kit inside that can also be locked to prevent them fiddling with settings or touching potentially dangerous electrics. Metal side panels can be taken off to ease fitting and if needed for cable runs, there's also an integral cooling fan in the roof with ventilation slots dotted around to suck heat away from equipment inside.


Hinged Glass Door 24U Rack


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