Double 42” Plasma Roll Cab

Double 42” Plasma Roll Cab
Model No: J25379
Doors / Lids: Lift off lid
Casters: 4
Grab Handles: 8
Butterfly Clasps: 4
Padlock Hasps: YES
Shock proof: YES
High Density Foam: YES
Plywood: 9mm Laminated
Width: 1522mm
Height: 910mm
Depth: 548mm
Weight : 55.0kg

Double Plasma Roll Cab

If there’s any item that you worry about transporting, it’s probably your plasma, LCD or LED displays. The professional alternative to bubble wrap is this Rhino roll cab that holds two display screens. Foam inserts are included than can be cut and configured to pretty much fit any model or size of displays you’ll come across. And if you’ve had to lift a heavy plasma, you’ll appreciate braked casters that glide down ramps and across floors plus grab handles on four sides. As you’d expect, you can secure the butterfly catches with your own choice of padlock. The carcass is toughened ply finished in black.






(Display screens not included)



Double 42” Plasma Roll Cab


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