Shelved 18U Mixer Roll Case

Shelved 18U Mixer Roll Case
Model No: J01477
Rackmount: 18U shelved + 10U upper frame
Doors: Front, Rear & Top Removable
Casters: 4
Grab Handles: 4
Butterfly Clasps: 8
Padlock Hasps: YES
Shock proof: YES
High Density Foam: YES
Plywood: 9mm Laminated
Dimensions / W x H x D / Weight: 687 x 1290 x 615mm / 53kg

18U Shelved Mixer Case

When you need stampede-proof protection for amps, graphics and mixers there's no need to look any further! A shelved top separates a 19" rackmount case big enough for 18U of kit from a 19" rackmount 10U ratcheted mixer frame. This professional cab has twin handles on either side, braked casters and chunky butterfly catches on all three lids. Dense waffle foam on front, rear and top lids means your expensive kit turns up in working order every time and they all lift off to provide access for cabling and controls. No fuss!



Shelved 18U Mixer Roll Case