16 Section Microphone Case

16 Section Microphone Case
Model No: J67998
Doors / Lids: Hinged Lid
Grab Handles: 1
Lockable Clasps: 1
Shock proof: YES
High Density Foam: YES
Plywood: 5mm Laminated
Dimensions / W x H x D / Weight: 325 x 345 x 325mm / 5.5kg

16 x Microphone Case

Mics are some of the most expensive and easily damaged pieces of audio kit you work with so it's worth investing in a robust case that stops them getting damaged, lost or stolen before you even arrive at the gig. High density waffle foam protects delicate mics and the lift out insert has capacity to house up to 16 mics. This product can even be custom cut to accomodate any specific mic requirements you may have. A robust butterfly clasp holds the lid shut, and for added security there's a padlock fiitting hasp. This is one case that will last and last for years to come.



16 Section Microphone Case


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